High ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment equipment related introduction

Category:waste gas      Time:2020-01-06

We apply new public a kind of high ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment equipment, including network, mediation pool, pool 3 d electrolytic cell, feedback pool, pool accumulation and cooling units; Described network pool pool last promotion agency and mediation experience, promotion agencies include promotion pump and catheter, one end of the catheter into the network at the bottom of the pool, on the other side of the catheter continuous in the upper to the left side of the pool, and mediation mediation on the right side of the pool in order to configure a three-dimensional electrolytic cell, feedback pool and accumulation and connected each other between adjacent pool, pool described in 3 d in the electrolytic cell anode and the cathode plate is interspersed with configuration, anode and cathode plate for electrical appliances with electric property. We apply new plan fresh, PH of mediation and additive of sodium chloride, progress greatly ammonia nitrogen removal rate; Cooling units can very good to keep the consolidation of electrolyzer, won't make the electrolytic consolidation is too high; Acceptance of catalytic packing, electrolytic obey akira progress; After electrolytic coagulation accumulation system, just can make the wastewater discharging standard or recycle.

A kind of high frequency pulse electrolysis type ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment equipment, contains the power, electric plate, electrolytic cell, water pump and water tank. Electrolytic tank, water pump and water tank through the pipe line of progressive last closed type, electrolytic tank inlet and pump water sits, electrolytic cell and sink into the water sits on the tip of the water, water tank and pump water sits on the tip of the water; Also includes exhaust gas disposal system, the exhaust gas disposal system combined with electrolytic cell through pipelines; Power supply for CNC double pulse electroplating of high frequency pulse power supply. For acceptance of CNC double pulse electroplating of high frequency pulse power supply power, compare the ancient high frequency pulse dc power supply, can probably cut electrode interface layer solution ion concentration in electrolytic cell and bulk solution concentration difference and provoked electrode potential deviations from the average potential of concentration polarization, and the unit energy consumption is low 30% ~ 60%.