Ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment equipment is the most simple simulated gravity method

Category:waste gas      Time:2020-01-06

Ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment equipment design and using high speed rotating equipment is one of the most simple simulation of the super gravity method. Usually USES centrifugal force to separate, density difference separation, and supergravity technology is different, and the core is to transfer and micro mixing, reaction process greatly strengthened. Supergravity technology is applied to remove ammonia nitrogen wastewater process, is refers to the use of super gravity equipment to replace the traditional packed tower as a blow to take off the equipment, with air as the gas stripping agent, through a lot of air in contact with the alkaline ammonia nitrogen wastewater, to the free ammonia in the water molecules desorption gas phase process. Super Gravity equipment super Gravity also called super Gravity machine (High Gravity RotaryDevice, Higee) or Rotating packed bed (Rotating PackedBed, RPB). Super gravity equipment according to the different structures can be divided into vertical and horizontal; According to the different rotor structure can be divided into body rotary combination, double disc, action, etc.; According to the requirement of the separation system and rotating packing on the packing layer is different, can be divided into single packing and multi-layer packing; In gas-liquid contact way or operation mode can be divided into different reflux, and flow and cross-flow rotating packed bed.

In to remove ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment equipment, using super gravity device instead of traditional tower equipment, two great changes have taken place:

(1) liquid flows by gravity into a super gravity environment;

(2) the ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment equipment from traditional stationary state into a state of rotary motion. Super gravity device consists of fixed cylindrical shell, rotor, packing and liquid distributor, etc, the machines on gas under the influence of pressure gradient in overweight equipment rotor external cavity, through the packing. At the same time, the driven of liquid in the pump flow to the rotating shaft, and through the nozzle sprinkle evenly pour in shaft inside. As the rotor high-speed rotating liquid thrown outward, in a huge under the action of shear force and collisions with packing, gradually formed smaller surface area of the great update, greatly increase the interfacial area between the two phase, accompanied by vigorous agitation speed, concentration, temperature boundary layer effects, such as ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment equipment to the intensification of mass transfer and reaction process. Fluids are dumped into the rotor shell after the collection from the bottom of the liquid out, while the gas through a shaft center left to push up a shaft gas outlet. Supergravity technology to remove ammonia nitrogen wastewater research progress of the supergravity technology to remove ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment process.