The application of ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment equipment

Category:waste gas      Time:2020-01-06

Supergravity technology and its application in ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment equipment developed high strength gas-liquid mass transfer equipment super gravity machine, since people pay close attention to for supergravity technology and in-depth theoretical study, and its application in the chemical industry, material preparation, environmental protection and other fields, has obtained the remarkable application results. Use super gravity science principle, the application of the technology, called super gravity technology. It through super gravity machine produce strong centrifugal field instead of gravity field, the high speed rotation to achieve the "three against" the strengthening of the chemical process. With industrial development, every year there are a lot of ammonia nitrogen of industrial wastewater. Is very strict with discharge of wastewater containing ammonia nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen wastewater is difficult to handle, it caused great harm to water resources and ecological environment.

Using supergravity technology to remove ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment equipment is a new method of removing ammonia nitrogen, and the traditional processing methods such as steam blowing method, air blow off compared method, chemical method, the method has high mass transfer efficiency, equipment, small volume, low energy consumption amount of advantages, are currently company, shandong zibo in shandong province and more rare earth high-tech company for engineering application study, although the technology is not mature, but has great application prospect. Objects by ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment equipment than the earth's gravity acceleration g (9.8 m/s2) material greater force called gravity. When g is close to 0 (zero gravity), gas-liquid and liquid-liquid, liquid-solid phase contact motivation factors Δ rho g (buoyancy factor) will tend to zero, at this time no longer affected by the density difference, molecular inter-atomic forces, such as surface tension) play a leading role, liquid matter nearly spherical reunion, interphase contact is no longer sufficient, and transfer function gradually weakened, separation could not be.

Increase with g (overweight), Δ rho g, fluid relative speed increase, and produced great shearing stress, the liquid material stretching into micro and nanoscale droplets, liquid or liquid membrane, and greatly increase the contact area, to strengthen, usually interphase mass transfer rate is higher than traditional tower equipment 1 ~ 3 orders of magnitude.