The integration of high ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment equipment

Category:Help      Time:2020-01-06

We apply new fair show high ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment equipment integration, contains the base with the box body, described in the box the same at the top of the base, described the base on one side of the top the same continued support for Taiwan, support on the same stated continues to drive motor, described the output end of the drive motor runs throughout the outer wall of box body is unchanged and continue to have the first gear, has described the first gear meshing of two second gear, the same on the second gear is equipped with two stated turn lever, turn lever on the two ends are described and the lining of the rolling box, described in turn lever on the side of the same continues to have multiple stirring rod, described above box with lid, described between the box cover and the box body through symmetric configuration of two continuous rod rolling, described in the lid after continuous rod unchanged at the end of the last push rod. We apply new high nitrogen to obey, residual settlement, then, and filter destruction to manipulate a brief, liquidation.