A can remove ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment equipment

Category:Help      Time:2020-01-06

We apply new public a kind of ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment equipment, biological feedback and oxygen tank, liquid storage tank ph mediation, biological aerobic feedback channel, and solid liquid, respectively, to identify the unit; Biological feedback slot type ammonia nitrogen wastewater, and oxygen and oxygen and bacteria were held in the feedback, produce nitrogen and dispose of waste water and divided output; Biological tank containing wastewater aerobic feedback input, ph, carbon emissions into the end mediation fluid input, output and dispose of waste water; Waste water output continued to input to dispose wastewater biological feedback and oxygen tank; To pass with the carbon gases bubbled into carbon emissions; Aerobic feedback of denitrifying bacteria and dispose of wastewater aerobic nitrification feedback, after dispose wastewater and output; Solid liquid, respectively, to identify the unit contains will dispose of waste water after respectively to identify and dispose of sludge water, divided by the sludge output and dispose of water output output. Through this method, we apply New Deal with the waste gas emissions, more low overall capital.

A can remove ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment equipment, include: the main tank, pump promotion, multiple electrode plates and aeration, main tank containing: modulation pool, anode and cathode pool, pool modulation ChiZiLi configuration, the anode and the cathode at the bottom of the pool at the bottom of the pool and modulation pump connected with the anode pool, pool through promotion of multiple electrode plates divided in modulation pool, pool anode and cathode in the pool and a row of method respectively, multiple aeration agency division located in modulation at the bottom of the pool, pool of anode and cathode pool. The layout of the industrial waste water disposal equipment acceptance of high frequency pulse technology, the exercise of electromagnetic field USES the ammonia nitrogen in wastewater to produce electrochemical feedback, and then converted into harmless N2 gas model released, the integration of planning, of earth volume is small, and have the disposition results consolidate, short cycle, low no secondary defiled, capital operation, the upper hand.