High salt ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment equipment

Category:Help      Time:2020-01-06

We apply new public a kind of high salt ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment equipment, waste water containing progressive experience pipeline continuous network, PH mediation and remove tower, blow off the top of the tower is equipped with the air outlet, the air outlet is connected with biological filter tower; Blow off the bottom of the tower with wastewater exports, the exports and ammonia nitrogen wastewater electrolysis machine entrance connected, ammonia nitrogen electrolytic machine export experience flocculation tank and a sediment pool connected; PH mediation outside the tank is equipped with sodium hydroxide dosing tube, sodium hydroxide dosing tank connected with PH mediation; Flocculation tank is equipped with the first flocculant dosing tube, accumulation outside the pool with the second flocculant dosing tube, the first flocculant dosing with the flocculation tank in tube and the second flocculant dosing pipe connect to accumulate pool. We apply new removing high in salt and ammonia nitrogen in ammonia nitrogen wastewater of low margin, obey quickly.

Based on deep packing type catalytic dispose of ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment equipment, its layout contains TongKou, barrel, chassis, cylinder with TongKou, barrel and base plate welding, cylinder is equipped with water inlet, barrel installed inside have one room, oxide room, mixed oxide feedback chamber, catalytic filter chamber, this found way to experience the packing PouShi held a big limitations of ammonia nitrogen in waste water, go through water transferring water part layout, through the joint filter material fabricated part deep filter in waste water, turn the water drive layout experience covering water shield rate of low water turbulence, advances the overall operation of consolidation, liao assembly experience is embedded in the loading assembly filter material to complete further filter; Complete big limited sanctions also held a deep part disposition, make again after be useful PouShi defiled objects hold further deep filter, useful finished after the emergence of ammonia nitrogen wastewater to reach high emissions of scale.